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Farewell Tassie

semi-overcast 25 °C

Last night in Tassie tonight after a really enjoyable 10 days.

Highlights, there’s several.

Port Arthur is wonderful, and the restoration work is well and truly underway. The site is very commercial now but fees are reasonable. We had a 2 day Bronze Pass which entitled us to free site tours, a cruise around the harbour to Island Of the Dead and Point Puer. Guided tours of Island of the Dead grave yard and Point Puer Boys Prison is extra. Those tours will have to wait until our next visit to Tassie.

I took a total of 254 pics and that was easy to do.

The Wall at Derwent Bridge is fantastic. The sculptures are breathtaking, and all done with chain chainsaws. It’s a father, son, and daughter venture, the daughter being an artist. Unfortunately, but understandably, cameras are banned.

The Highland Lakes drive is incredible. As good a drive as I’ve done. I have been complaining of the lack of parking for photo ops but today there were several in key places but it was bucketing down. I did manage to get a few though.

I must say, apart from driving around Hobart and to a lesser degree Launceston, nothing was a disappointment.

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Maingon Bay

overcast 19 °C

Maingon Bay is further south than Port Arthur at end of Safety Cove Road.

There is a lookout right on the point, and Remarkable Cave.

The coastline is as impressive as The Great Australian Bight.

We drove down from Hobart this morning, stopping off at Copping for morning tea and a look at the museum.
The museum was out of this world. See the photos.

The drive through the Dunnally area was particularly sobering, seeing not just the fire damage but just how random the damage is in the town. Why just this house when the one next to it seemed more susceptible. You really have to feel for the people.

We checked in to the Inn at Port Arthur then went to the ruins. The Inn borders the heritage site and it has a private entrance to the site and within walking distance to the info center.

We spent 3 hours there and saw only half of it. Tomorrow we go back for the remainder.

The Inn restaurant overlooks the ruins.

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Huon Valley

overcast 26 °C

The first activity for the day was to take missus into Hobart CBD for some shopping. What a mistake that was. I wil never never never drive into the Hobart CBD again. She did not do any shopping there.

After that we drove through the Huon Valley to Dover, through Kingston, Geeveston, Huonville, Port Huon, and Franklin.

What an amazing part of the state. Unfortunately there is a glaring lack of stops to photograph the amazing views.

We had lunch in Geeveston and visited the timber heritage centre. Geeveston has some excellent life size wood sculptures.

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After Shepparton

semi-overcast 25 °C

From Shepparton we went to Heathcote for a few days to visit rellys, then to Macedon and Gisborne to catch up with friends from way back.

We did not do much site seeing, just catching up on news and things.

We flew to Launceston on Monday and stayed there for 3 nights. While there we drove to Beaconsfield, Beauty Point, Georgetown, Bridport, and Scottsdale.
The drive from Scottsdale, through the mountains on the Tasman Highway, to Launceston was a real drive. Tight and steep and magnificent views.

Today we drove from Launceston to Hobart via Swansea, Triabunna, Orford, and Sorrell. What a fabulous drive, along the beautiful coast and through the mountains.

I have some great pics to upload so stay tuned.

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sunny 36 °C

Back in Shepparton after a couple of days in Echuca/Moama. Echuca is a nice town with just about everything one needs.

The Murray water level is way down, as expected as the pics (when I get around to posting them) will show. I was amazed at just how many paddle steamers and houseboats are there. The range in size and type is like comparing camper trailers to Winnabago’s. Would love to hire one for a few days.

We did a one hour cruise on the SS EMYLOU which was interesting.

The highlight however was a visit to Chanter Estate Boutique Winery and Military Museum in Moama. For anyone interested in military history this is a must. It has the most comprehensive range of military vehicles we have ever seen.
Some of the vehicles there have been featured in TV commercials and Australian movies. The collection is privately owned by the Ledwidge family. Downstairs are the vehicles while upstairs is a huge collection of memorabilia including rifles, mortar complete with aiming sights, uniforms of many services and countries including the USA Union Army and Confederate Army. Also ceremonial swords, original newspapers from WW2 era.
The cost for all this, a mere $8 each.

After viewing the museum we chatted with Mary Ledwidge about many things including the World Wars, and family history. As we were leaving she offered to show us another shed. Without knowing what to expect we of course said yes.

As we approached the door she said, “Now be warned, we do get snakes in there, so be careful”. With that she opened the door, We stepped in, and Mary stayed outside, as her two dogs started barking like their was no tomorrow, chasing something only a few metres from us. We stopped as the dogs started chasing something along the long wall. As I looked through to the other end, which was open, three animals screamed across the centre aisle from our right to left, and the barking continued but was getting closer. Mary said “I think we should get out”, so we did. The dogs continued on their crusade.
We have no idea what was being chased.

What we did see in the shed was amazing. We didn’t have a chance to take photos or take in what was there, but it was wall to wall military vehicles, 3 rows of them.

A truly amazing place.

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