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sunny 26 °C

We reached Barcaldine without drama and have been around the place exploring.

Pub crawls here are a breeze, all 4 pubs are with a couple hundred metres on the main street, and they are old.

Yesterday we drove up to Amarac, and out to Gray Rock and Horesetailers Gorge.

Amarac is very old and Gray Rock was a Cobb & Co pick-up point.

Weather has been mixed, rain last night but beautiful day today.

Forecast for next 7 days is HOT.

Roads out here are far below WA standard but not the worst by any stretch.

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Emerald Thursday 13th Sept

sunny 26 °C

Had a good drive out from Rockhampton yesterday. The Navara seemed quite good after the past hassles.

Today we drove to Lake Maraboon and Fairbairn Dam. Unfortunately the slipway road and several other roads around the damn dam were closed so the drive down and back was longer than our time there.

The noticeable difference between this lake and the Mt Isa lake is the colour of the water. Isa was a beautiful blue, this was brown.

After that we drove out to the gem fields. Saphire and Rubyvale. Saphire looked similar to the old Andamooka field, whereas Rubyvale was more like the old Coober Pedy.

Some beautiful gems on offer, if you had a spare $20K on hand, and unmounted to boot.

Slack day on the agenda tomorrow before leaving on Saturday for Barcladine. Not a lot to see around Emerald.

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On the road again

sunny 20 °C

After several painful, stressful, and expensive weeks we are on the road again.

The full story would take far to long to relate, it would be more like a novel.

We left Airlie Beach and headed to MacKay area (Serina) where the last of the repairs were completed. Some faith has been restored in NQ auto services.
A huge thank you to Brent at Opposite Lock in MacKay.

After Sarina we spent one night at Marlborough. It's a one horse town but has a great caravan park/motel with a really good restaurant. Could not find "the man".

We are at the "Southside Holiday Park" on the southern exit from Rocky, and our van backs onto the rail lines. A good nights sleep is hard to get. They are damned noise at night, never hear a peep during the day. Not as bad as Port Augusta though.

Today we are driving down to Gladstone to check out the local wild life.

We have decided to head to Longreachon Wednseday now that the Nissan is doing OK. There are a lot of road works but other than that we are told the road is good.

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Monday 27 August update

overcast 20 °C

The tank was taken out and cleaned and refitted in Townsville. Heaps better but needs an injector service which is being done in MacKay on Tuesday.

Day before leaving Airlie Beach went and filled up only to find that fuel was leaking badly from top of tank. After a lot of stuffing around, syphoning 20 litters out, it stopped leaking. This was Saturday. Took it back to Townsville so he could fix it and stayed overnight in motel. Filled up next morning, no leak, arrived at Ayre, leaking again.

Didn't go back to TV and arranged to have it done by OLE in MacKay today. No one else was interested in fixing it.

So right now we are in a motel in MacKay (van at Sarina), tank today, service and injector clean on tomorrow, and hopefully we will leave Serina on Thursday and head for Rockhampton.

Road reports for inland areas is not good so will not be going to Longreach and Winton at this stage. May go to Rocky via Emerald.

Have some photos to upload and when life settles down again I will post them.

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Hardy Reef - Great Barrier Reef

sunny 20 °C

On Tuesday we were taken out to Hardy Reef, 38 nautical miles from Chute Harbour.

We were picked up at 0725 and it was COLD so when we got on board it was inside out of the wind.
First leg was Shute Harbour to Hamilton Island, (where Jeff moors his floating mansion. see pics), the out to Hardy Reef between Whitsunday and Hook Island's. We came back between Hook and Hayman Island. and via Hamilton.
Crossing the shipping lane was a little choppy particularly homeward bound after the wind picked up. Spray was reaching the open upper deck at times.
Humpbacks were frolicking bot ways but getting pics was near impossible. I did get one video but the humpy was so far away it's useless. On the way out the humps were in the shipping lane, on the way back between Whitsunday and Daydream Island.
We stayed on the "pontoon" for 3 1/2 hours where scuba diving and snorkelling was available. You only pay if you need an instructor/coach.
The pontoon has a submerged viewing room as well as a 1/2 submarine which did 1/2 hour tours along the reef edge.
Morning and afternoon tea, and a great smorgasbord lunch is also included and is on the boat. Coffe and tea was free all day.
The weather was near perfect except for a light cool breeze.
Unless one is into snorkelling or scuba diving there is not a lot of activity and there were very few "dollies" to keep one busy. Actually some funny/ugly sights getting into wet suits.
Would I do it again? No, only because this oldie is not into diving.

Today's activity is a 4 hour island cruise.

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