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Kingaroy and Buderim

sunny 24 °C

We are now in Buderim (boodrim) until the 20th, maybe longer.

After Tambo we stayed overnight at a small town called Morven. No caravan parks but a great camping facility.

After there we stayed overnight at Roma, what a dump that is, no pics.

Kingaroy was a non-event really so not many pics. The only thing of interest was the small museum and watching Bathurst on Sunday (much to her disgust).

The museum had some old stuff in it but the only different things were machines related to peanuts.

The drive from Kingaroy was interesting, quite mountainous and tight in places. A lot of low gear, high rev driving.
Near the peak of that drive along the d'Aguila Highway we came across some heavy roadworks. Obviously erosion from rains is a problem, the pics tell the story. Various grades of reo mesh is laid down and concrete sprayed over it, as with fero cement boat hulls.

I have been in the Caloundra area several times before so haven't taken any pics.

Rained yesterday, keeping the temp down and enough to reduce humidity.

The drivers here are no better than NQ. Road signs are only good for people who live here.

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sunny 26 °C

At first I thought the name had been misspelled, but there IS something here.

The first place visited was the Opal Shop (surprise surprise) and I have to say it was one of the best we’ve been to. The thing about natural opal is that each is unique.

Second was the old wool scour shed. What a marvelous tour it was. All the machinery and most of the steam engines still work and the tour included seeing how the wool washer, drier, and separator worked. Very interesting it was.

After that was to the “Black Stump” from which the saying “beyond the black stump” orignated.

All the water in Blackall is via bores drawing from the artesian basin. The claim is that this water is 92% pure. The town water comes out of the ground at 58 fahrenheit. I believe it, it’s too hot for a long comfortable shower.

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QANTAS Founders Museum Longreach

sunny 29 °C

The QANTAS Founders Museum in Longreach is a must. It is a very comprehensive display of old and modern.

One of the great features are the AV presentations covering many aspects of outback life in the early days. There are flight simulators (for a fee of course), theatrette, cafe, original QANTAS hangar, Catalina, 747, and 707, as well as other old aircraft inside the museum.

The museum charge is surprisingly low but beyond that the cost mounts. Additional options are guided tours of the 747 and 707 and a wing walk. To take the optimal tour option the fee is $150 per adult, $130 per senior, $120 per child/student. So for an average family it would become quite expensive. 30 minutes in a flight simulator would be an additional $25.

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Lark Quarries and Diamantina River

sunny 32 °C

This was very interesting and worth the 110KM (one way) drive but without the commentary by the guide it would have been largely a pile of rock.
Unfortunately, being school holidays there were too many people and the audio was often poor.
The “shed” has only one viewing gangway which should be limited to around 30 people to allow everyone to see the display and take photos.
The display is well thought out in that not all of the top cover has been removed. The center raised section, and the rear section is solid rock and is just sitting on the limestone which has the footprints.
It is amazing that from the evidence they can determine what some of these animals were doing at the time.
The area was a floodplain and when this stampede happened, it was mushy.
The shed has no artificial climate control and from what I could gather, no direct lighting.
For anyone with an interest in this it is a must. Admission cost for retirees is a very modest $11.

The official website is here.http://www.dinosaurtrackways.com.au/

The museum near Winton is $27 admission.

After Lark Quarries we drove through the hills and across the plains to the Old Cork Homestead on the banks of the Diamantina River. Old Cork has a lot of history to it.
We followed the eastern bank back to Winton.

It is very interesting country and we were surprised at how much water was in the river.

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Ilfracombe and Longreach

semi-overcast 32 °C

Arrived at Ilfracombe on Saturday after a short 80KM drive from Barcaldine.

The Ilfracombe caravan park is small and very nice. Longreach is booked out for the 125 year celebrations, although the town does not look at all busy.

Ilfracombe itself is a very old and interesting town with lots to see. It is only a 15 minute drive to Longreach which is really nothing.

The Stockmens Hall of Fame is very interesting and nice, but being school holidays in QLD there is a million screaming running ankle biters on the loose. PIA they are.

Today we drove up to Captain Starlight's Lookout (Cassidy's Knob) for a look. No wonder he used it, the view is far reaching over the flat plains.

Plenty of wildlife, and horses and cattle along the way. It is only accessible by 4WD.

Tomorrow is a rest day before driving to Winton for 2 nights (motel). This is dinosaur and boulder opal country and a must see for us.

Saturday we will be back to visit the QANTAS museum which includes the "WW2 Flying Fortress Museum" .

Sunday will be a "rest and pack" day prior to leaving for souther parts.

Today was very comfortable here with cloud cover all day.
Saturday was 41C in the shade, yesterday cooled off to 39.

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